Our Method

Learn. Perfect. Crush

Three Exercises. Three Times.

Each “block” of exercises lasts about 10 minutes and includes three exercises that you do three times each for about a minute.

Set 1: introduce you to the exercise
Set 2: focus on proper form
Set 3: go HAM

Unstable Push Up


This gives you flexibility to adapt the workout to how much time you have and the exercises that you like. We work nonstop in order to get a bit of a cardio during the workout but you can take breaks or pause whenever you’d like.

Whole Body.

We focus on functional movements. These are exercises that help you in your day-to-day life. We work your core, we use your bodyweight, we move you laterally, we increase your stability and range of mobility. We work your entire body each and every workout.

Wall Sits
Wall Sits